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General specifications

  • Brand Name: APC
  • Model Number: SMT1000
  • Item Height: 14.57 inches
  • Item Length: 22.83 inches
  • Item Width: 13 inches
  • 500 W/750 VA
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    Product overview

Whether you’re supporting racks of servers, a single desktop PC or home theater components, a UPS battery backup system provides enough power to outlast most outages and can automatically save files and shut down a computer gracefully during extended blackouts. Avoids costly power problems by keeping your IT equipment and data protected and available. Network grade power conditioning protects from damaging surges and disruptive noise.


The double conversion architecture provides tight voltage regulation, frequency regulation, and zero transfer time to battery during power events. Low operating and maintenance costs with proven reliability and intelligent battery management.

   Bright LCD Interface Is Easy to Operate

Quickly view the UPS utility status thanks to multiple status indicators on the bright, easy-to-read LCD interface. It provides clear, accurate information in multiple language options, and the intuitive navigation keys make it simple to configure settings. The UPS SmartSlot lets you use a network management card to remotely manage and control the UPS.

    Intelligent battery management 

Intelligent battery management, pioneered by APC, maximizes battery performance and life through an intelligent, precision temperature compensated charging. Automatic self-tests insure battery reliability and warn customers in advance of battery replacement. Convenient, easy to connect, hot-swappable battery modules provide battery replacement without powering down.

    Peace of mind

Peace of mind that comes with full equipment compatibility and reliability of a leader. Provides pure sine wave output which is recommended by server manufacturers using active power factor corrected (PFC) power supplies. Safety-agency tested and approved means that you can deploy Smart-UPS with confidence that they meet or exceed the industry’s most rigorous standards.

   Remote accessibility 

Save time with easy and convenient remote accessibility. Network manageable via serial, USB or optional Ethernet. Includes Powerchute® Network Shutdown Software for convenient monitoring and control, safe operating system shutdown, and innovative energy management capabilities. Choose from models with capacities from 300VA to 120kVA, advanced automatic voltage regulation (AVR), LCD or LED control panels, remote management capabilities, expandable runtime, and pure sine wave output. Single-phase and 3-phase UPS options with tower and horizontal rack UPS form factors.

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