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   Key Features
  • High performance, low power consumption, non-volatile storage
  • Store your important data/images/video with a brand you trust.
  • Just Plug and Play into a USB Port
  • Store your favorite music, images and video and take the with you
  • High quality
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If you are looking for a new pen drive that will cater to your storage needs, you should take a look at HP. This pen drive has a compact design with a large storage capacity of 16 GB. This trendy device will help you store and carry all your important data, music, movies and videos. This pen drive is suitable for all those who have to carry important files while they travel.
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     Compact & Portable Design

The HP is designed with the prime purpose of being travel friendly. It will fit easily in small pockets of your backpacks or even your laptop bag. You can even place it in your wallet.

   Storage Capacity

The HP pen drive will let you store and transfer up to 3200 songs in mp3 format. If you wish to store audio formats like WAV and FLV, which occupy much more space compared to mp3 formats, the number will be lower than 3200. One factor that will affect the number of songs is the bit rate at which the songs were originally recorded. Some songs are recorded at 128 kbps while some are recorded at 256 kbps. If you want to store more songs, then download songs at 128 kbps. On this 16 GB pen drive, you can store up to 60 hours of video, if they are recorded at 384 Kbps. However, when it comes to high-definition videos, keep in mind that they take up a bit rate of about 8000 Kbps along with stereophonic audio at the rate of 284 Kbps. You can store up to 4 hours of high quality video on this pen drive.
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  • Steel Body
  • Capacity : 16GB
  • Shock and water resistant
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • System compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, MAC OS 10.3 and above
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