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      General Features

  • External Antenna
  • Internal address book
  • Speed dial from address book
  • Caller ID from address book
  • Uses standard SIM
  • Large 128×64 Dot-Matrix Graphic LCD
  • Screen Size: 53.2×28.2mm
  • Yellow-Green LCD Backlight
  • Speaker Phone for Ringing and Hand-Free Mode
  • 28 Keys with On/Off Key
  • Alarm Clock
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This Jetfon 2G GSM Desk phone is a Dual Band (900/1800Mhz) Desktop GSM Phone that can be used in a variety of ways. It is essentially a mobile phone in the form of a desktop phone. You insert a mobile phone SIM card and use as a normal desktop phone but the calls are made using the GSM network. Calling the mobile phone number of the inserted SIM card will make the phone ring and to answer the call, simply lift the receiver.

   Great Care Home Phone

It also has a “Hot Dial” feature which means that the phone can be programmed to dial a number as soon as the handset is lifted while the key pad remains locked. This makes it a great care home phone because in order for the person to make a call to their favourite number or an emergency contact, all they need to do is lift the handset. This feature also makes the GSM Phone ideal for other applications such as a Taxi Phone, Security Phone or Emergency Phone. The GSM Desktop Phone can also be used as a standard desktop phone in a temporary or remote office providing a quick to setup and easy to use telephone.

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