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    Product Description

  • Capacity: 690VA
  • Microprocessor- based digital control
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • Generator compatible which works with input voltage 100V/110V – 230V/240V and 50/60Hz auto sense frequency technology.
  • Output Socke: 2 Universal sockets
  • Recharge Time4 ~ 6 Hours
  • Detection: LED
  • Surge Protector
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    Product Overview

Premax UPS PM-UPS690 has an automatic voltage regulation with compact design configurable Alarm. Premax UPS 690VA  has a digital display in addition to Battery management technology. Premax UPS 690VA  is generator compatible which works with input voltage 100V/110V – 230V/240V and 50/60Hz auto-sense frequency technology. This PM-UPS690 high-performance UPS is having universal output sockets which is suitable for all most users.

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    Gadget Protection 

In addition to standard power line surge protection, this UPS also provides protection from dangerous ‘backdoor’ surges that travel along with telephone and network data lines. Just route the phone or network data line through the UPS to protect your devices from lightning, surges, and spikes.

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