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  • 500 GB capacity
  • 5400 RPM spin speed, 16 MB cache buffer
  • Designed for durability and low-power consumption
  • SATA 3GB interface with native command queuing
  • Perpendicular recording technology for increased storage capacity
  • Fast performance and whisper-quiet acoustics
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  Product overview

Address all your data storage woes with the advanced Seagate ST500DM002 500GB Internal Hard Drive. This state of the art device is capable of saving volumes of active archive data on its 500GB storage space. You can install this internal hard drive in your desktop, all in one PC, and DAS equipment with the utmost ease. The Seagate ST500DM002 500GB Internal Hard Drive incorporates industry-first 1TB per platter technology that consumes low power. Its SATA 6Gbps interface maximizes performance by enabling faster transfer rates.

Technical features

Physical Features +3+

The storage drive comes bundled with DiscWizard software that makes it easy for your computer to transition beyond 2TB. The device has a 16MB cache that significantly speeds up access to data on the disk. Like all Seagate desktop HDDs, this storage drive is created using an advanced manufacturing process. It complies with RoHS directive on restricted halogen compounds and hazardous materials. More than half of the materials used to makes this drive are completely recyclable. Interface cable, mounting screws, and power adapter needed to get this device operational come included in the package.

Cutting Edge Technology

  Cutting edge technology

The innovative Seagate ST500DM002 500GB Internal Hard Drive performs brilliantly while bringing down your operational costs. It features the industry-first 1TB per platter technology that significantly cuts down on power consumption. The drive’s SATA 6Gbps interface enables higher transfer rates, thus maximizing performance. The DiscWizard software CD that comes with the device makes it easy to switch to high capacity HDDs, even on legacy BIOS systems.

Cost Saving

   Cost saving

The Seagate ST500DM002 500GB Internal Hard Drive’s 1TB per platter features high tech power modes that help lower power consumption in idle state. The drive does so without skimping on performance.

Green Device

   Green device

The Seagate ST500DM002 500GB Internal Hard Drive, like all Seagate HDDs, is made using cutting edge manufacturing processes. RoHS compliance and near-complete recyclability make the drive environment-friendly.

Technical features

  • QuietStep technology enables ultra-quiet load/unload acoustics
  • Best-Fit Applications; Mainstream laptops, External storage solutions/boxes
  • Perpendicular recording technology increases performance and reliability
  • Seagate Smart Align technology provides a transition to 4K sectors without the need for software utilities.
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