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    Key Features
  • Display: 55″
  • TV System: Digital/Analog
  • Technology: LED TV.HDMI x2, USB x1
  • Picture Engine‎‎:‎‎ HyperReal Engine
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   Product Overview

The Vitron 55 Inch Analogue Smart LED TV is a sophisticated and stylish outcome from Vitron family.  It is one of the most affordable LED TV yet with the same amazing picture quality you should expect from any Vitron TV models. The Vitron 55 inch TV also comes with powerful and attractive features including a sleek design, an inbuilt decoder, high resolution, and multimedia connectivity.  Its picture quality is something you have not encountered before; deep blacks, minimal halo effects around bright images especially on dark backgrounds, HDR content that leap off the screen in any viewing setting and little backlight bleed around the TVs edges.

   Analog TV

The difference between Analog TV and Digital TV has its roots in the way the TV signal is transmitted or transferred from the source to the TV, which, in turn, dictates the type of TV the consumer needs to use to receive the signal. To watch this TV, you must purchase a Digital converter box. A is a tremendously important product for analog TV and VCR owners. It’s true that digital TV is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean analog TVs need to be replaced. Digital converter boxes offer several benefits, including higher picture quality and sound. They also provide a higher number of channel choices, and often additional features such as on-screen programming, favorite channel listings, auto power settings, built-in media players, real-time and programmed time recording.

You can also use your large screen LED TV as a big computer monitor using inputs like DVI, VGA or HDMI input. Although the reasons behind a PC input to a TV are mainly personal preferences, the obvious reason is a desire to get a bigger display for your PC. This is a good option for computer games enthusiasts who want a more memorable and exciting experience.

    Supports Multimedia Connectivity

This 55 inch TV comes with different ports including one USB port and one HDMI port. Another notable feature of this TV is multimedia connectivity where uncompressed audio-video data is transmitted in 100% digital form. This brings world-class viewing experience with a pixel for pixel accuracy and high-quality audio sound. Additionally, Vitron HTC 55 Inch TV comes with one year warranty. A warranty acts as a guarantee in case your TV stops working as it should; you will return it to the distributor.

  General Features

  • 55-inch LED Screen
  • Clear Motion Display
  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Multimedia Connectivity- 1 HDMI & 1 USB
  • Digital TV with Inbuilt tuner
  • Analog TV
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